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Discover your strengths and competences

As a trainer, coach and prospective therapist I offer a wide range of services in the areas of personal development, leadership skills and team development.

After many years of experience interacting with different people and target groups both within and outside of companies, my work is focused on your well-being and your concerns - for your company, for your personal or professional growth targets and the route that needs to be taken.

For companies

Trainings, Workshops und Coachings für Unternehmen

Training sessions, workshops and coaching
A company needs motivated and committed employees. To ensure that they not only fulfill expectations as individuals or teams, but also develop personally and contribute as valuable participants, I offer tailored support for managers, employees and teams. Always at eye level, always interactive and always with a preference for experiential learning. For this purpose, I develop individual formats and sustainable processes to match your requirements, which can become part of your own learning culture. If there is a broader need, I work together with trusted, competent and experienced colleagues.

Designing Your Future
Designing-Your-Future offers the exciting approach of combining strengths orientation (Gallup CliftonStrengths®) and Design Thinking. By becoming aware of their own individual strengths and values, participants develop a strong inner compass. Combined with the method of Design Thinking, this results in perspectives and concrete steps in a process of designing a (professional) life which fits the individual´s core personality. By this it becomes a path to realizing happiness and success. The mindset of Design Thinking provides the tools to orientate oneself in transformation processes and to actively participate in shaping them.

Possible workshop themes:

Leadership Development

For self-confident, successful leaders

Team Development

For optimal cooperation, conflict resolution ability and performance

Strengths Workshop

For a strengths-oriented development (Gallup®)

Positive Intelligence

Establishing mental fitness to successfully manage the mechanisms of self-sabotage

Innovative Mindset

Design Thinking as a method of navigation in change processes

Individual Topics

I am happy to design your workshop according to your needs!

Designing Your Future I offer the Designing Your Future approach as part of a team and in different formats: individual coaching, workshops for groups or teams, in the context of change processes, as a contribution to a corporate culture oriented to strengths and values, or according to your needs. You can find out more at: www.designing-your-future.com


Berufs- oder Lebenscoaching

Career or life coaching
My support is designed to enable you to shape your (professional) life according to your own compass and strengths in the way that is right for you. The goal is not for you to reinvent yourself, but rather to find yourself as the essence of who you are. Your well-being, your satisfaction and your (professional) success are the yardsticks of our process.

Gallup® CliftonStrengths Assessment
With this renowned tool you will gain better insights into your talents. You will discover what makes you unique and what you can do exceptionally well. From this, we develop clear ways and steps to help you make better use of your potential. From this point of view, new perspectives and options arise for your possibilities to shape your life.

Do not reinvent yourself – find yourself.
From there, everything is simply more fun!

Coaching as a gift?
For example, gift someone a Gallup® Strengths Assessment including a one hour individual debrief.


Bindungsenergetische Therapie

Psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz
As a psychotherapist using the Bindungsenergetik approach, I focus on the innate emotions of my clients. If these are activated, self-regulation becomes effective and positive life organisation can take place.

Bindungsenergetik therapy is a modern, health-oriented therapy approach. The focus of the work is on achieving psychological well-being, satisfaction, clarity and self-confidence. These are the basic conditions for a person to feel healthy.

Learn more about Bindungsenergetik: www.bindungsenergetik.de

Kaj-Ariane Fischer

Kaj-Ariane Fischer

As a sociologist and through my many years of work in various, including global, roles in the HR department of the IKEA Group, I have gained a great deal of experience with managers, employees and teams at various levels and organizational structures. I am a qualified trainer. The approaches of my various qualifications are incorporated into my work as a coach: SML Coach for individuals and teams, professional Co-Active Coach and certified Gallup® CliftonStrengths Coach.

After a body-psychotherapy training in Functional Analysis (1999 - 2004), I am currently completing a training as a psychotherapist at the Center for Bindungsenergetik in Bremen, Germany.

Together with my partner and two children I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I look forward to using my expertise, experience and methodological knowledge for your benefit.

You will find depth, focus, openness and humor
and all my good will for your cause!

My top five Gallup® strengths: Connectedness | Strategic | Relator | Adaptability | Ideation